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A Company Library; A Real Winner for your Employees
February 1, 2011, 5:43 pm
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February 1, 2011

Benefits of a Personal Development Library in Your Organization

You will probably find that many of your employees have purchased books, audio books, programs on DVD, etc., related to personal development.  Rather than gathering dust on a bookshelf, why not collect and share them with co-workers?  Your library can begin with resources your organization may already own.  Add to those resources any materials your employees are willing to share and you’ll probably have sufficient resources to establish your library. 

You can augment your library with new materials acquired at conferences, trade shows or industry publications, etc.  Additionally, used book stores, charity sales, and even garage and estate sales can provide additional material for your library.

Our company took an underutilized closet and turned it into a useful library.  Checkouts are entirely on the honor system.  And though we did not experience abuse of the library or inappropriate materials being added, it is something to consider when setting up your own guidelines for usage.

While you will never compete with your local library, a convenient (and free) opportunity for your employees to study subjects that interest them could be a real winner for your employees and your organization.

Does your organization have an in-house library ?  Do you have written guidelines or a formal “library usage” policy in place? If so, let us hear your experiences and ideas.

Ted A. Kirchharr, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Landrum Professional Employer Services and Landrum Consulting Services.

Ted is responsible for Landrum’s strategic planning, benefits administration, risk management, human resources and marketing.

He has helped hundreds of organizations pursue strategic planning, institute quality control management, hone organizational development, instill leadership training and improve employee retention. He is Past-President of the Florida Sterling Council and has a Master’s in Administration from Central Michigan University.

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Your local library might be interested in bringing in monthly baskets of business related materials to your business. Many libraries do this for schools and other organizations. Why not a business? Ask and see what they say!

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Bookmarked, I enjoy your blog!🙂

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